Quiet Power

August 15th, 2017

Here is a quiet and quick review of a wonderful book, Quiet Power by Susan Cain with Gregory Mone and Erica Moroz. I assume you have read Susan Cain’s book for grownups, Quiet. The grownup book, Quiet, is truly wonderful–I found it a lifeline. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert is not important.. What is important is that we live in a society with a particularly damaging ideal of personality and performance….and this book can help you stand your ground and nature what is precious to you about yourself.

Quiet Power is a complementary book for kids, subtitle, “The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids”

Oh yes, and its not just for kids. For me, I need an occasional reminder and encouragement..and for this purpose I like the kids book much better than its big cousin….less text, nice little stories!

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