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Zen mind, beginner’s mind

What’s the most important thing I can do today to bring kindness and clarity to our world? Soften my gaze, take a deep breath, and try to find my beginner’s mind.

The famous book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki is worth turning back to. I just did.. Here is what I read, here’s the setup:

“I do not feel like speaking after zazen [zen sitting, a most simple meditation]. I feel the practice of zazen is enough. But if I must say something I think I would like to talk about how wonderful it is to practice zazen….

Here’s the part that helped me:

“It is our human nature to be active and the nature of every existence.. As long as we are alive, we are always doing something. But as long as you think, ‘I am doing this,,’ or ‘I have to do this,’ or ‘I must attain something special,’ you are actually not doing anything. When you give up,, when you no longer want something, or when you do not try to do something special, then you do something. When there is no gaining idea in what you do, then you do something…..”

So here I am tonight. Charlottesville, Barcelona, Boston Common and all of us… What to do.. near tears.. breath. read Shunyu.. go forward.. actively, committed, enraged really…..not at today but at the broader picture of ignorance and hatred….in the face of our beautiful, complicated, tender lives….

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