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A fondness for OPML geeks confirmed


Thanks again to Amyloo for her outline and good humor..

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Jim Moore uses the occasion of the Office 2.0 conference to sing an ode to OPML, mentioning our podcast jam outline.
I think Jim must count himself among the little band of OPML geeks. We
are a clever lot, so resourceful and kind. We love our mothers, keep
our children’s clothing in good repair, and always have an extra minute
to give our cats a cuddle. We dearly love a good joke and tend to be

A good summary of major releases in 2007 that will increase RSS usage and rate of adoption beyond even today’s numbers


excerpt from…

The Widget Factor

Finally, MySpace really does hold most of the cards in the developing widget war –
because it is the biggest platform by far for widgets, not counting the mass populace of
independent blogs (which only compares to MySpace numbers in aggregate). A lot of widgets
are powered by RSS, or a variant of it. So MySpace is going to be one of the key RSS
platforms in 2007 – and how they manage this platform will be keenly watched.

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