Still no real luck with themes in Netscape

Well, the only theme I can get to work for this blog in Netscape is this *lovely* red one. (I hate red.) Last night, I heard that the problems with the themes and Netscape were resolved, but I couldn’t find another theme that worked in Netscape 4 besides this one. I downloaded Netscape 6 on a borrowed laptop and found that other themes will display okay in 6. Since I use 4 at home and can’t upgrade without upgrading my operating system (and probably my computer, too) and I imagine some of my other users also use 4, I guess I’m stuck with a red blog for the time being.

I haven’t tried looking at the blog in Netscape on a PC. Maybe it looks okay for everyone else and only the Mac users (like me) can’t read it. (Of course, no one’s reading this anyway, so what do I have to worry about?)

I’m not satisfied and will keep working on it, but not right now.

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2 Responses to “Still no real luck with themes in Netscape”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Jessica, it looks fine in Mozilla, if that is any comfort…

    And red’s not so bad. 🙂

  2. j Baumgart Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I like red as a hair color. Just not the color on other things for some reason. (Yes, I have green ketchup. Why do you ask?) I even favor flourescent green/yellow fire engines.

    And yet, every school I’ve been at post-high school has had red as a school color. Go figure.

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