Hey Blog Groupies: Dinner on Thursday Instead of Blog Meeting

Dave’s out of town again, so Wendy’s trying to get people to gather for dinner and chatting instead of our regular meeting. If you’re interested in going, please comment on her blog. Uh–add a comment to the post on her blog letting her know that you’ll be there.

(My humor doesn’t work well in the blogging environment, does it?)

We’re meeting/eating at Dado Tea. More on Wendy’s blog.

Some of us who are walking from Harvard Square are meeting in front of Holyoke Center (that big ugly white building with Au Bon Pain in it) at 6:45 pm.

I’m probably going to Harvard’s observatory on Garden Street after the meeting for the public viewing of Mars they’re having. If anyone’s interested, please feel free to join me. It’ll be about a twenty minute walk from Dado Tea.

Addendum 8/29: For those of you who didn’t go see Mars, you missed nothing. It turns out that the Center for Astrophysics distributed 300 tickets at 8 pm for crowd control purposes and anyone without a ticket was not allowed on the roof to view Mars. They did have a small telescope set up in the parking lot, but I decided not to wait in line to view the red planet through it. They might do an additional viewing in the near future.

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  1. Bob Says:

    So how can you come up with a “quote of the day” like “… and Mars is more important than blogging” and only put it in a comment on Wendy’s blog? 🙂

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