More about My E-mail Problems

I apologize for this digression, but I know many of you use the .com e-mail address I’m having problems with. Tonight, I learned that mail coming from the Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog’s profile are disappearing in Spamfilterland. (more) Sometimes I point to that profile to have people contact me about something on this blog ’cause I prefer mail going to that e-mail address rather than the default e-mail address on this blog. Now that I’m more familiar with these Harvard-hosted Manila blogs, I know what I could have done to change that e-mail address. It seems that there isn’t a way to edit e-mail addresses and because of a bug in the system, there isn’t a way to create a new profile that works after more than 15 to 20 people have joined the blog.

The help screens for this particular problematic .com e-mail address tell me I have a “Not Spam” button to press when I find the spam filter has misdirected e-mail, but I can’t find it on my screen. I’ve disabled that spam filter instead and created a filter, which should prevent some misdirected e-mail. Oddly enough, it’s a different e-mail account from the one I wrote about earlier. Perhaps I need to start yet another e-mail account (I think I have 8), but then how do I change that on my blogs?

I wonder if the systems people behind this e-mail account would be receptive to a polite inquiry about the problem, though I really don’t want to be a bug tester for yet another server.

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