Online Corrections

This Online Journalism Review article discusses the practice of correcting electronic news articles and includes interviews with news librarians Michael Jesse of The Indianapolis Star, Debra Bade of the Chicago Tribune, and Dorothy Ingebretsen and Suzanne Oatey of the Los Angeles Times. In the past, people couldn’t change the print product, so they would publish a correction in a subsequent issue. With electronic archives and Web sites, it’s easy to alter the text of the article. Does the electronic version of a story need to be preserved because it is part of the historical record of what was published? Should a correction be appended? Should someone just change the text? Is it important to note a correction has been made when someone changes the text? Who should be involved in the process? The article touches on many of these issues.

Addendum 7/30: Another terrific discussion about handling corrections has been happening on Newslib because of this article. It’s great to read all of the different viewpoints. It’s one of those big issues in news librarianship where many people have agreed to disagree.

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