Huge Jump in Hits

Since the Harvard blog administrators pulled the rankings page, I haven’t worried too much about the scratchpad’s hourly hits. I happened to notice a giant jump yesterday: the scratchpad received 1,000-2,000 hits an hour from about 11 am Monday until 5 pm Tuesday.

After the server administrators tweaked some things to combat referer spam, traffic numbers dropped. Hourly hits have held steady at 100-300 per hour for a few months. I might see a jump for an hour if a search engine spider comes through, but the scratchpad’s numbers certainly haven’t been what they were. The sustained increase makes me wonder what’s going on, especially since I didn’t see similar jumps in traffic on other Harvard blogs, my referer logs show nothing abnormal, and technoratiing this weblog showed nothing new that would spike traffic like that. Puzzling. Several times there were almost 3,000 hits in an hour and reached over 3,000 and 4,000 back-to-back. Possible record for this blog perhaps.

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