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I heard MC Lars’ Download This Song on the radio and liked it a lot, so I did. It’s kind of an “in your face” piece about copyright law, music, downloading, and the recording industry. Not to mention that he samples Iggy Pop’s The Passenger, too.

Chances are pretty good MC Lars might have been a musician whose other music I would probably have never heard. Digging through his Myspace and Web site, I found other songs of his for listening and downloading. Maybe I’ll buy one of his CDs because I like his sound and wit. Ten or twenty years ago, would I have been able to “try out” his music before deciding to buy an album? Maybe, maybe not. But I can tell you I don’t often pay full price for a CD if it only has one song on it I really like.

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  1. Tony Pryor Says:

  2. j Baumgart Says:

    Hey Tony!!!!


    It’s almost like someone was watching me while I was working on my blinkin’ computer last night.

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