It’s Official: I’m a Berkman Center Affiliate

Are you thinking, “Well, duh?” I’m not. What being an official affiliate means is that I’m now officially listed on the Berkman Center for Internet & Society’s Web site as having a real connection to them–not just one that many people know about, etc., etc. I’m excited about the recognition. I love the Berkman Center. They do such amazing and cool things. It’s great to be able to say that I’m officially connected to such a place. When my buddy told me about the decision this afternoon, I didn’t stop grinning for a long time.

sj is also now listed there, too. Congrats, sj!

It’s difficult sometimes to believe that I first ventured over there about three years ago because Dave Winer told me about the blog group. Difficult to believe because time flies and it doesn’t fly all at the same time. And now that I know so much more about the exciting things they’re doing, I sometimes wonder why I didn’t venture over there sooner.

Maybe I need to say that this isn’t the same as being a fellow just in case there’s any confusion. It doesn’t come with any money or anything like that. It’s recognition for my volunteer work there and the ways that I support the center. I’ve helped run the blog group for … I can’t remember how long. Is it 2 1/2 years? 1 1/2 years? I provide some user support for the blog server, too. I write about Berkman stuff. I go to their events. I’m involved in Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation community, which is becoming more and more of a Berkman thing because Berkman is supporting Wikimania this summer and Jimmy Wales, Wikip/media founder, is an official fellow.

Ugh. I was gonna call my Mom to tell her. And now it’s too late.

Addenda 2/10: I did call my Mom tonight after blog and social technology group. She’s proud of me. = )

Check out what Dave said about my role with blog group:

"… [N]ow’s a good time to say how much I appreciate her support and enthusiasm over the years. Thanks!"

Thank you for getting us all together in the first place!

2/11: Wowza. Scott’s post about this recognition is going to have me blushing for days. Thanks, man!

2/12: Take a look at Steven’s post about how I rock. *j blushes He makes some excellent points about the value of librarians getting involved in projects outside of traditional librarianship borders. I agree with him about the importance of us reaching beyond "the walls of the library." I’ve noticed a shift toward that in my own activities during the last year or so. Most of it happens because people I know are involved in interesting projects and somehow get me involved in them, too. Not only can it be fun, but it can be great marketing for our profession, too. I can’t tell you how many times people in these other groups tell me I’ve changed their perception of librarians.

Congrats to Gary, too!

2/16: Wow. Even Jay thinks I’m awesome. That’s kinda big ’cause, well, Jay’s pretty darn awesome, too. He’s also been involved in the blog group for a few years.

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10 Responses to “It’s Official: I’m a Berkman Center Affiliate”

  1. Frankenstein Says:


  2. Dowbrigade Says:

    Congratulations, j, it couldn’t have happened to a better blogger. Keep those hits coming…..

  3. Betsy Devine Says:

    That’s great news, Jessica! And congrats to the Berkman Ctr for their wisdom in recognizing your contributions.

  4. Betsy Devine Says:

    That’s great news, Jessica! And congrats to the Berkman Ctr for their wisdom in recognizing your contributions.

  5. j Baumgart Says:

    Aaaah. Thanks, y’all!

  6. Christina Pikas Says:


  7. LS Says:

    What time is it? Ah~ I hope is not to late to say “Congratulations!!!”. Oh boy, it is kind the late. 😛

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