Banned Books Week Reading: My Brother Sam is Dead

2006 BBW; Read Banned Books: They're Your Ticket to FreedomI know some of you were hoping I would have kept up with reading a book a day for Banned Books Week, but I just couldn’t do that with My Brother Sam is Dead by James Lincoln and Christopher Collier because of my busy schedule.

I really enjoyed the book. Using a boy as the main character, the Colliers are able to explore the complexities of the American Revolution in a small New England town. As well as providing a look at life in colonial America, the book shows the bad side of war and contains a few graphic descriptions of people dying. Those passages contribute to its controversial nature. It also has children disobeying their parents and religious overtones. The plot near the end of the book takes an unexpected turn, adding another layer to the tale.

Unfortunately, I will not have time to read another book during this year’s commemoration. Please go read some challenged and controversial literature for me.

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3 Responses to “Banned Books Week Reading: My Brother Sam is Dead”

  1. Brian Says:

    do you have any information on where, when, and by who this book has been challenged or banned by?

  2. Brian Says:

    if you do, please send to me, thank you

  3. j Says:

    Hello Brian,

    I don’t have any specific information about the banning of My Brother Sam Is Dead. A section of the American Library Association’s Web site focuses on banned books. You might be able to learn more there. You also might consider talking to your local librarians about the book and why it is controversial. They might be able to assist you.

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