Jessamyn on BoingBoing for Ubuntu

BoingBoing links to a video Jessamyn West made about installing Ubuntu Linux on some of her library’s computers. If the library gets a Mac, she thinks it will be the first library in Vermont to offer three operating systems. Her post has more information about Ubuntu and using it in libraries.

This post is dedicated to Jeff, who gave me the link, and my readers who are Ubuntu Linux fans, like Brett.

Addenda 5/11: I have to say, I’ve been struggling with a really annoying Windows problem all week. It was so refreshing to take a break from trying to find a solution by watching Jessamyn install Unbuntu on the computers. In fact, it made me laugh considering what I’ve been working on and how stumped we all are about how to solve the problem. I’ve found through Internet searches that lots of people have this problem, but I have not yet found a solution in the search results.

Addendum2 Rich here I think I know what your Windows problem could be. There’s a problem with the Automatic Updates program, especially if you have set it up for installing updates during the night. Start the pc in safe mode, turn off the Automatic Updates, then reboot. My Library Network had a few pc’s develop problems on Wednesday. It happen on both new and old machines. Also Adobe has two new version of Flash and Shockwave players. Java has a new version as well. Hope this helps!

5/16: Hey Rich, thanks for the advice, but that’s not it at all. Windows won’t let me uninstall some software I need to remove because it thinks the computer is already in the process of installing the software. Neither I nor the tech support folks at the office or for the software know how to remedy the 1705 error message.

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