Music Industry Toleration of MP3 Blogs

National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition has an update on the tension between the music industry and certain music fan weblogs. Some record labels tolerate group music fan sites. A blogger at one of the sites recently received a threat of legal action against a special MP3 he posted from a company some labels use to enforce their copyrights. Even the record label thought the wording could have been too tough. The piece talks about the state of what’s happening now, how bloggers help and hurt bands, and what some bands think about bloggers who post MP3s without prior authorization. As before, the bands don’t always agree with the music industry’s stance.

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One Response to “Music Industry Toleration of MP3 Blogs”

  1. Maria Palma Says:

    I think that it’s going to get more and more difficult for the music industry to regulate what is being distributed over the internet.

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