Hurricane Irene East Coast Library Damage Roundup

The August 30 Library Journal has a very good roundup of the damage suffered by libraries on the East Coast by Hurricane Irene. It appears upper New York State and New Jersey suffered the most damage from flooding. One Vermont library lost 60 percent of its collection:

“The Vermont state librarian is guardedly optimistic that the state’s 183 public libraries have come through in relatively good shape after the devastating flooding caused this week by Tropical Storm Irene, which is expected to be the state’s worst natural disaster since the flood of 1927.”

“The state libraries in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and North Carolina also reported relatively good news, but New York is reporting significant damage to a number of libraries, including an unconfirmed report that one library building in the Adirondacks was swept away.”

“The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, which is the state agency responsible for library services in the commonwealth, sent out an email to the state’s 374 public libraries and the 1700 members of the Massachusetts Library System (a regional system) asking for damage reports.”

“We sent out the message but we haven’t heard back from anybody yet,” said Cindy Roach, the head of library advisory and development. “We aren’t sure if it’s because of the power outages across the state or because people can’t get to their building or because there is no damage,” she said

For the whole article:

More info when I get it.

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