A Petition to the LoC to Allow Owners to Modify their Devices

bunnie Huang, who got in a bit of a quagmire a few years back when hacking an Xbox while an MIT student, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (commonly known as the EFF) are coordinating a petition to the Library of Congress to attempt to change the part of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DCMA) that prevents device owners from modifying their devices in a way called “jailbreaking.” Many people want to be able to run whatever software they want on their devices or be able to creatively adapt them for purposes other than what the manufacturer intended. The DMCA makes some of these activities illegal. Some people liken it to being jailed for customizing, say, an email program. Information Week reports a DMCA alteration a few years ago addressing jailbreaking phones is up for renewal. bunnie plans to send the petition on Friday, February 10.

(Thanks for sharing, Alejandro!)

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