Using Digital Media in Detroit to Meet Community Needs

(Unfortunately, I was 30 minutes late to this presentation. I’m not sure who was speaking when I entered.)

The MIT Center for Civic Media hosts Allied Media Projects staff and Detroit Digital Justice Coalition members for a conversation about what they’re doing with people and technology.

“We’re not trying to bridge the digital divide as much as we’re trying to build a healthy digital culture.”

We need to shape the digital world to support existing non-digital relationships in our community. As a community, we’re training folks how to do investigative reporting, then working with digital media. It’s about them becoming producers, not consumers.

Nina Bianchi speaks next. She’s very, very quiet and many of us in the back can’t hear her well. Diagrams on her slide show participation rates. She’s explaining some of the workshops they offer.

Their basic platform is called Discotech! She shares video of one of their classes where they work with children to build tech tools. I can see motherboards and such on the screen.

They’re teaching people to teach, as well as learn; to be entrepreneurs, not just consumers; to build their own communication networks matching social networks in their neighborhoods.

Janel Yamashiro introduces the Detroit Future project.

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