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I’ve heard and read lots of pros and cons about blogging while searching for a job. I decided I’m going to do it. I’m tired of feeling like I can’t or shouldn’t share various resources or knowledge I come across while searching, learning about the job search process, or reading various online job groups. I’m not the only one out there looking for work. (!) Perhaps one of you might find what I’ll share in this new category useful. If nothing else, maybe I’ll be able to get to the information again, should I desire to revisit it—you know: that whole blogging as personal knowledge/information management thing.

There’s an amusing conflict between the folks proselytizing the use of social media to find a new position or advertise availability versus the folks who who advise no blogging during a search. Remember a few years back when many employers were saying they wouldn’t hire anyone who blogged or used social media? That’s not the issue today, thank goodness. I welcome that perspective change. (Though there are probably still companies and sectors where those practices are discouraged.) Instead, the concerns about sharing via social media include taking too much time away from searching/wasting time or revealing things that should be private or secret, like, say, what you might learn about a company during an interview (personnel issues, a product with a future release date, confidential information, …).

I have a blog, so why not use it? I almost wonder if it’s time for me to expand which social media services I use. I’ve always understood the value of Twitter, but recognized it’s probably not the right tool for me and what I want to accomplish. This blog post in 140 characters … ? Hrm. Similarly, while I see why many of my friends and colleagues are on Facebook, I’m still not keen on signing up for their services because of privacy and other concerns. I’ve used both (and more) in previous jobs. Also, do I really want more online tools crying out for my time and attention?

I don’t intend to share positions, to which organizations I’ve submitted applications, the specific details of my job interviews, … you get the idea.

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