Tuesday (4/3) Berkman Lunch: The Growth and Decay of Shared Knowledge

Tuesday’s (4/3) Berkman Center for Internet & Society Lunch about The Growth and Decay of Shared Knowledge with Berkman Fellow Dennis Tenen should focus on information issues near and dear to our hearts.

Knowledge grows, but it also contracts as outmoded facts and theories are replaced with new ones. This talk will discuss our intuitions about knowledge domains and the methods by which such intuitions could be modeled empirically. Along the way, Dennis will unpack the “information as organism” metaphor, construct taxonomies of epistemological lifeforms, and consider evolutionary pressures on knowledge systems. The talk will conclude with a conversation about the health of the academic publishing industry, and about the challenges of doing comparative work between new and old media.

Those who plan to attend in person should RSVP before Monday (4/2). Others can listen live via the Internet at 12:30 pm Eastern or catch the archived presentation later.

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