“Do You Know Anyone in TV or Radio?”

A lady from one of those TV and radio ratings companies called to see if I would participate in their survey. As part of the screening, she asked

“Do you know anyone in TV or radio?”
After a startled pause, “What do you mean?”
“I know more than a thousand people. Of course, I know people in TV and radio.”
Another pause. “Let me read the question to you as it’s written in the questionnaire because the wording is very important. ‘Are any members of your household or is anyone you know working in TV or radio?'”
“No members of my household and none of my close friends work in TV or radio, but I do know people who do.”
Another pause. “Can you say more?”
“Well, I know a lot of people professionally who work in broadcast news. One fellow who comes to mind is someone I know locally because we both plan an annual tech conference.” To the best of my ability, I answered further questions about where he works, in what capacity, and how well I know him. All the while, I’m wondering how to go on explaining all the broadcast folks I know from the Special Libraries Association News Division, my various other networking activities, and whether she’s going to ask me the same questions about each person in my network.

After another break, she tells me they can’t use me in their survey. Yeah, I guess not. My professional network taints me. Ha ha ha

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