Somerville (MA) Tool Library Opening Sat., 2/7, 12-4 pm

“The Somerville Tool Library is a tool lending library located at Parts and Crafts (577 Somerville Ave) in Somerville, Massachusetts. It is available to residents of Somerville and the surrounding cities and towns. The library is scheduled to open to the public on February 7th 2015. We are currently building our tool collection and actively soliciting early bird members to support our efforts.”

Memberships, for $50/year, allow people to borrow tools for a week at a time. Donation of a major tool might earn you a membership, too.

On Saturday, February 7 from 12-4 pm, a grand opening celebration introduces visitors to the library and some of the people affiliated with it. “Anachronistic Audio Repair
Project”, or AARP will be at the grand opening. “Bring your boom boxes, cassette players, walkmans and similar cruft to take apart, repair, and/or upcycle.”

I joke with some blacksmiths regularly about how I want to catalog and organize their tools. I look forward to seeing how this tool library does it. It looks like they’re looking for volunteer librarians … hhhmmm …

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