About Manila Comments and Membership

This about page currently refers to Manila, the software this blog used to use. It has not been updated to be about WordPress, the current software.

Here are some links to posts about comments and other potentially useful information about comments and membership on j’s scratchpad and Manila.

Comments, like other places on this weblog, can handle HTML code. A Manila bug prevents comments from displaying properly in the comment window without HTML paragraph tags and line breaks, but they do usually look okay in the disscussion group.

The information collected on the comment form and what Manila does with it

When anyone comments on this weblog, s/he automatically becomes a member of the blog. Don’t fear membership. It only really means that you can log in to the weblog, have your computer store your info in a cookie to make commenting much easier, and edit your comments via the disscussion group. Membership has its privileges.

It is possible to change your password.

Comments that look like comment spam might get deleted. Here’s how not to make your comment look like comment spam.

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