ACRL Webcast

ACRL Webcast
1 pm to 2 pm EST, Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clifford A. Lynch, executive director, Coalition for Networked Information

Michael A. Keller, university librarian, director of academic information resources, publisher of HighWire Press and publisher of the Stanford University Press, at Stanford University

Moderator: Lynn Sillipigni Cannaway, Consulting Research Scientist at OCLC

I experienced too many distractions today at work to properly listen to and take notes for the Webcast. I’ll listen to the archive again later and add more to my notes.

Clifford Lynch: blogs are great for sharing citations and research.

The panelists talked a little bit about Google’s digitization intiative and how that might effect libraries, orphaned copyrighted works and if Congress can decide to free them, and trends in searching, focusing on federated searching.

There are more than 300 people participating in this Webcast. The Elluminate software they’re using enables us to see who has signed in. Having information about participants’ environments might be useful, too, but that’s probably too much information for just an hour Webcast. When people are saying hello, some of them are stating where they’re from. I recognize a few names. I tried saying hello to someone, but any response she might have sent to me got lost in the chat window.

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