BloggerCon: Infrastructure

Published: 10/05/03

Moderated by Andrew Grumet
October 5, 2003

The primary contributors were Erin Clerico of Weblogger, Ross Karchner of Localfeeds, and Scott Johnson of Feedster. Andrew and the contributors wore wonderful hats while talking about technology related to blogs. They didn’t talk about the different software bloggers use, like Moveable Type and Radio and such, but they focused on a variety of technology tools bloggers and readers of blogs might use. Andrew talked about news aggregators, his server, his blog, his referer log, and referer spam. Next, Scott talked about Feedster, which searches rss feeds, and Technorati, which can show what sites link to a blog. Erin discussed some of the services of Weblogger. Ross demonstrated Localfeeds, a service for finding Weblogs and other services near particular geographic locations.

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