BloggerCon: Weblogs and Education

Published: 10/04/03

Details about this session are on the BloggerCon blog. I plan to add more details to these notes at a later date. I’m too tired to do it now.

Raw Notes from my PalmPilot, 10/4/03:

teachers should write — shift from paper to electronic medium
weblogs isn’t just writing, it’s presenting writing, too
not just writing: it’s design, too
blogging w/o being tenured

Jenny says pub lib has blog on blogspot for 4th-6th graders to write book reviews

what does CIPA/COPA mean for schools/libraries?
putting policies in place before online projects

important to use digital paper as a producer, researcher, & consumer

Jenny information literacy

Patrick says the technology is there, it’s just not being used

Q: commercial blogging companies aren’t working in the ed market?

Some companies (Movable Type) are moving into ed market, there are also free services like Blogger

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