Blogging and University Communication Offices, September 19

Blogging and University Communication Offices
Jessica Baumgart
PIO Meeting
September 19, 2006

The World as a Blog:

My Credentials

  • Involved in the Berkman Center for Internet & Society’s blog project since April 2003
  • Co-lead their blog group
  • Have been blogging since April 2003 on several blogs using different software and in several contexts
  • Specialist in blogs and new technology

Why Should We Care about Blogs?

  • Blogs are amazing communication tools, both internally and externally
  • Blogs are good sources of information

What is a blog?

  • Definitions vary
  • Blog software enables easy updating of Web pages
  • Bloggers don’t necessarily have to be tech savvy
  • There are many different kinds of blogs, different kinds of platforms for blogging
  • Can blog on the Web, on an intranet, etc.

Why Blog?

  • Communication
  • Knowledge management
  • Networking, fostering community
  • Sharing sources
  • Easy to archive and retrieve material

Why Read Blogs?

  • News
  • Professional development
  • Be/stay informed
  • Get someone else’s personal perspective, view of the world
  • Time management

How to Find Blogs

Search Engines

Other Means

  • Directories
  • Professional colleagues
  • Other blogs
    • – Blogroll
    • – Links

Blogging at Harvard

A Sample of Blogs

Brown University’s Media Relations:…

University of Wisconsin-Madison Clipsheet:

HLS’ J.D. Admissions:

HLS Class of 2006 Blog:

Campus Tap:


HBS Associate Professor Michael Watkins:…

Andrew McAfee:

Anthropologist Ian Gilby’s Blog from the Field:

Richard Bradley:…

Blogs for and by Journalists

Boston Herald Weblogs:

The Boston Globe’s Blogs:…

The Poynter Institute:

Jay Rosen’s PressThink:…

Thank you!

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