Jump at Avalon, 9/29/03

09/30/03, posted by j

Tonight’s concert was amazing. Jump (formerly Jump, Little Children) only played for about 40 minutes, but it was an amazing set. They showed off some of their newer songs and a few favorites from Vertigo and Magazine. I didn’t recognize anything from Licorice Tea Demos or Buzz.

I really like their new sound. I know that music changes often make fans cringe–like those who dislike R.E.M.’s newer songs or hates how pop-sounding U2 was for a while–but I think Jump might be getting better with age. (Yeah, I know, it’s difficult to imagine perfection getting better, but strain yourself…) Their sound isn’t really that different from some of the tracks on Vertigo and maybe it’s not such a leap from Licorice Tea, either, if that’s possible. They sounded excellent, they looked good, and they were in Boston. Yeah.

They did some nice alternate renditions of pieces. Habit they did a little quicker with a heavier beat except the chorus. Ward Williams had some nice cello variations on one of the songs, too, but now I can’t remember which one.

At the end of the show, Matt announced that they’ll be back next month.

I decided to wait around to listen to some of Howie Day’s songs (he was closing for Jump), but they were having some sound problems that postponed the start of the show by about 30 minutes. I got tired of waiting and decided to go out to the lobby to buy some merchandise I was going to pick up on my way out. Jay Clifford (the lead singer), Ward Williams (the cellist), and Matt Bivins (how should I describe Matt’s role in the band?) were in the lobby talking with some fans. I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. (See, you blog readers probably don’t realize that I’m horribly shy in person.) I introduced myself to each of them, told them I’ve been following them since 96 Wave first played them as a new local band, and talked to them for a little while. I asked Ward the question that’s been on my mind for a while: Why don’t they play Bad Dog in their concerts anymore? His answer: well, it’s just a novelty song… I also told him I met one of his relatives at a conference two summers ago. Matt seemed impressed that I’ve been listening to them as long as I have and asked what I was doing up in Boston. I talked about how no one in the crowd really dances up here. Matt also gave me some more information about their upcoming show at the Paradise. I told Jay that I really liked the new songs they played. He has really nice eyes. I also let all three of them know how happy I was that they play up here. Matt said they play up here pretty frequently, so I guess I need to get off my butt, keep up with their concert schedule, and get out to some shows. All three were kind enough to autograph my ticket. Wow!

As I walked away from the club, I passed Matt. He called out something like “See you in a month!”

And it wasn’t until I got back to my car after a long subway ride that I realized I should have bought one of their CDs and gotten them to autograph it for a fabulous b-day present for my pen pal. (Sorry.)

Their next show up here is Thursday, November 13 at the Paradise at 9 pm.

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