Leveraging Blogs, Feeds, and Wikis, Organizers Collaborative: Grassroots Use of Technology, Sunday, June 17, 2006

Leveraging Blogs, Feeds, and Wikis
Jessica Baumgart
Web 2.0
Organizers Collaborative: Grassroots Use of Technology
Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why Should You Care?

  • Tools are great and powerful
  • Reach lots of people

Presentation in 4 Parts

  • Blogs
  • Feeds
  • Aggregators
  • Wikis


What is a weblog?

  • Definitions vary
  • My definition: A Web site running software that eases updating.


  • Blog software enables easy updating of Web pages
  • Bloggers don’t necessarily have to know HTML
  • There are many different kinds of blogs, different kinds of platforms for blogging
  • Can blog on the Web, on an intranet, on your desktop, etc.



  • XML file on a server
  • Usually appears when there’s new content
  • Most people use software to read them
  • Possible to route feeds to Web sites

Two Main Kinds of Feeds

Feed Relationships

  • XML –> RSS –> Atom
  • RSS is a kind of XML feed.
  • Atom evolved from RSS.

How to Create a Feed

Signs Something Offers a Feed


  • Send files via feed
    • Podcasting
    • Vlogging, or video blogging

or news readers
or news aggregators


  • Aggregators read feeds
  • Many kinds
  • Good aggregators should handle various feeds and files
  • Public vs. private aggregators

Web-based Aggregators

Desktop Aggregators


What is a Wiki?

  • Web site allowing users to edit it
  • Word comes from Hawaiian: wiki wiki = quick


  • Typically has a visible edit button
  • Wiki syntax is easy to learn and use
  • It is not HTML
  • Many different kinds of wikis
  • Can have a wiki on the Web, on an intranet, on your desktop, etc.

Why Use These Tools?

  • Easy way to put information on the Web or get information
  • People look for them now
  • Trust, like what Justin mentioned
  • Participation
  • Engage the community

More Reasons to Use the Tools

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge management
  • Annotated list of links
  • Networking, community building
  • Sharing sources
  • Easy to archive and retrieve material

Using Multiple Tools

  • Using a combination of tools might be best
  • What goes where?
  • Posting the same item in multiple places
  • Managing multiple tools

Why Use Others’ Tools?

  • News
  • Professional development
  • Get someone else’s personal perspective, view of the world
  • Time management

Are they really just for young people?

  • No!
  • Many people with limited tech skills find them easy to use
  • Low learning curve on many tools

Thank You!

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