MAHSLIN: Introduction to Blogs and Feeds Featuring Hands-on Blogging!, 9/12

Jessica Baumgart
j’s scratchpad: MAHSLIN:$3926.

Tucows ( generously donated some of their Blogware ( blogs for us to use during the course.

Garrett Eastman of the Rowland Institute deserves credit for many of the science links below. I pirated them from a presentation he gave on Friday, September 9, as part of Introduction to Blogs and Feeds at Children’s Hospital sponsored by MAHSLIN.

The World as a Blog: Manila (, Blogger (, TypePad (, Blogware (, Frassle (, and Yahoo! 360 (

This blog, j’s scratchpad, runs on Manila. You are looking at an item in the stories section, a place usually reserved for longer posts. The front page of my blog is at

Librarians should care about blogs for at least two big reasons: blogs are a great communication tool for both internal and external purposes and blogs are sources of information.

I. What is a weblog?