Notes from the 10/30 Blog Group

Published: 10/30/03


  1. Introductions
  2. Sooz’ idea about salon-style meetings. Dave’s description is on Scripting News.
  3. Chris’ new blog: blogging the present, politics, and media. He’d like to design a blog for a conversation around open source politics.

    • What’s the purpose?
    • What should he include?
    • How can w e design a blog to draw everyone who’s interested in politics in?

      • How can we get them blogging in their own voice?
      • How can we interest people who wouldn’t normally in interested in that blog, those politics?
      • How can we address people w ho have rejected mass media? How do we attract them? (Is the audience really one that has rejected mass media? Or do we just think that they have?) Give them something new, something they won’t get elsewhere?
      • What about moving blogs from the national political level to the local level? Where do people go for information about their local elections?
      • How can we get people talking about politics when they don’t normally talk about politics?
      • How do you bring a social network to a blog?

    • The blog as the center of a sphere surrounded by people–post on the blog and push it out to people in the sphere
    • Just because we’re working in the new media doesn’t mean that we should throw out the old media and negate everything that they’ve done.
    • “Here are some interesting things you might want to read…” Politics as an inseparable part of life …
    • If we want to involve people, then we should involve people.
    • We need to create a social context.
    • How do you market this kind of blog as an alternate source of information?
    • Departments?
    • Thoughts?
    • If you’re interested in working on this, contact Stirling: Put BLOG in caps in the subject li ne.

  4. Area blo gger gatherings: Boston Blogs and Meetup for bloggers
  5. Departments: How to do them, how to add them as navigation

  6. What’s an aggregator?
    • How do you add comics to your aggregator?

  7. The perpetual question about how to get more people into blogging

    • How-to class for MIT people at MIT in January

  8. Maybe: Planning a program for local special (e.g. corporate, biotech, pharmaceutical, legal, news, etc.) librarians about blogging
  9. Eating–at Boca Grande

    Wow! Sitting-on-the-floor-room-only tonight.

    Look! Sooz is dressed like a blogger. Have some candy, Sooz. Matt is also here in costume as a consultant to Andersen. Chris dressed up like a radio personality. I’m really Dave Winer dressed up as j.

    (I said candy point s to those in costume and I meant it.)

    (It’s fun to watch adults get excited about a bucket full of candy.)

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