Questions for Blogging Librarians

I plan to interview some blogging librarians for an upcoming article. These are some questions I’m considering asking, in no particular order.

Who are you? What’s your job title? What are your main responsibilities?
How long has the blog existed? How long have you been blogging?
How did you begin blogging?
Is your blog hosted on the organization’s Web site, on a blog site (e.g. Blogger, TypePad, etc.), or some place else entirely?
Is the blog part of the organization’s public site? If so, is there interaction with Web site visitors?
What software do you use? Who made that decision?
Did you have to sell blogging to your management? If so, tell about that process briefly.
How do you market the blog?
What do you think about blogging?
How is the blog used/received within the organization?
If it is a public blog, how is it received by the public?
How much time a week do you spend blogging?
Is blogging a substitution for another activity, like e-mailing items of note, or is it a completely new task?
Who or what department provides tech support for the blog?
Describe the blog and the process for deciding what to post on it.
What do you think you’ll be doing with the blog in five years?
What do you think your organization will be doing with blogs in five years?
Is there something you’d like to be doing with the blog that you are not? Likewise, is there something you’re currently doing with the blog you don’t want to be doing?
Do you have another blog? To how many blogs do you contribute regularly and/or manage? Would you like to share the URL/their URLs?

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