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Ok, I admit this post is horribly, horribly off topic and is something I don’t think is entirely appropriate for this space, but I got tagged as the scratchpad by our dear friend and colleague Amy Disch, so …

Four Jobs I’ve Had
Information Resources Specialist
Librarian (Project Assistant)
Library Assistant

Four Movies I can watch over and over
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Europa, Europa
Spirited Away
Roger Rabbit

Four Places I’ve Lived
under a rock
an apartment
a house
The Mad City

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
Scientific American Frontiers
The History Detectives

Four Places I’ve Been on Vacation
What’s this vacation of which you speak?

Four Websites I Visit Daily
Yahoo! Mail
the scratchpad (well, who doesn’t, really?)
???? maybe Google

Four of My Favorite Foods
ice cream
peanut butter

Four Places I’d Rather Be
in water (preferably swimming someplace warm, perhaps in the ocean)
in the woods
at an awesome dance
at a delicious meal

Four People to Tag
This is such a strategic question to answer because it’s a mix of who would I like to know about versus who can I link to from here versus who is likely to answer versus who has already answered.
I wonder if v would answer …
We all want to know this about the Dowbrigade
*j raps fingers in thought

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