Tea with the Mayor

09/21/03, posted by j

A few of you have expressed interest in me blogging about the mayoral race events I’m attending, so here goes. I went to a tea with Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay this afternoon. Unfortunately, only a handful of those who were invited came and most were ardent supports, so the mayor took it as an opportunity to relax from her campagin efforts. While she was speaking with one person who is an undecided voter, I was speaking with other people, so I didn’t hear how she pitched her candidacy to him.

(Imagine being able to speak one-on-one with a candidate! But that’s exactly how the mayor is. Very frank, very willing to talk to people, very friendly. And that’s not just when she’s campaigning. I’ve never met Lafuente face-to-face like that. I’ve met Joe Curtatone twice I think, but I still couldn’t imagine just walking up to him and having a conversation with him. And I’m certain he wouldn’t remember who I am.)

She and/or her campaign manager did talk about statements Tony has been making recently and how his campaign has turned a little dirty. I can’t remember any specific examples of that right now.

The mayor expressed concern about Assembly Square and how the other two candidates might handle its development. She said that she could have already gotten a shovel in the ground over there, but that’s not what’s important. Making sure that the development is the appropriate one for the city is.

We talked about many of the positive changes in the city during her administration, like the redevelopment of Union Square and Maguon Square (which I’ve probably misspelled).

She talked about how much Somerville has changed in the almost 40 years she’s lived here.

I also heard that LaFuente has recently admitted a relationship or funding from Mystic View, but I can’t remember who told me that now and I don’t know the truth of that statement.

Tuesday’s primary sounds like it’ll be pretty close, though the mayor lamented that not many people will probably vote. A low voter turnout could definitely be a bad thing for any of the candidates, especially if voters for one campaign are more inclined to vote than supports of any of the other campaigns.

Get out there and vote. Otherwise you may not really have a valid reason to complain about whoever wins the primary.

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