University Communications Offices Using Feeds

(I first developed this list in July 2005. I am no longer actively updating it.)

Tysen Kendig, assistant director of public information at Penn State University, discusses why he decided to start using RSS at the university in this interview:

"We were seeing a rise in the popularity of blogs and news readers that utilized RSS technology, and had a feeling that this might be the next “big” thing when it came to news delivery. The technology was available to us and could be easily implemented at no additional cost, so it was worthwhile to include it as an option for those wishing to receive and re-publish Penn State news."

Kendig goes on to talk about the increase of traffic to their Web sites because of offering feeds, a partnership with local news sites to use their feed to include PSU headlines on their sites, and the value of being able to break their own stories directly to an audience instead of relying on a media outlet.

Brown University’s Media Relations’ News at Brown looks like a weblog.

Duke University has feeds for the news and an explanatory link.

Johns Hopkins Medicine distributes news via feeds and has a link explaining what RSS is and how to subscribe to the feeds.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health even has a widget for Mac OSX Tiger that pushes their headlines across desktops.

Georgetown University’s Office of Communications offers feeds in specific beat areas.

The Rochester Institute of Technology’s weblog The Tiger Beat offers feeds.

Seattle University has a link right off the university’s homepage to a list of available feeds, including news and events.

Texas A & M offers their agriculture news via a feed and has podcasts.

The University of Pennsylvania is considering applying the technology to their faculty publications.

University of Utah news, University of Utah events

The University of Wisconsin- Madison provides a feed with its clippings service’s weblog.

Virginia Tech offers feeds for news, featured sites, and campus notices.

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