05/09/03, posted by j

Vernica and I met at the Governor’s School for the Arts in South Carolina while we were in high school. We were both students in the creative writing program.

I moved out here about three years ago. Sometime during my first year, I began wondering if anyone else I knew lived in the Boston-area. It’s a terrific area with lots of professionals and university students my age, so it’s entirely likely that someone I know is here. I imagined encountering someone from high school on the subway or meeting someone from grad school at a professional association meeting.

I moved into a three-bedroom in a triple-decker about two years ago. I noticed Vernica’s name on the mail box for the third floor apartment. She has a rather unique name, at least in my experience, so I immediately wondered if she could be the same person. Neither of my roommates had met her yet. At the time, she hadn’t moved in yet and one of her future roommates didn’t know where she was from or if she was the same person. All he knew was that she worked at Harvard.

A few weeks later, I got an e-mail from her and, as you already know from reading this entry, she is indeed the same Vernica.

I figured I’d run into someone I knew on the street, but didn’t expect to be living in the same building and working at the same institution as someone from high school.

Another friend of mine from high school is out here somewhere, too. I’ve lost her phone number, though.

I wonder who else could be here…

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