Wisconsin Blog Talk: "A Look into the World of Blogging"

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

This presentation is on the Web at: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/jkbaumga/stories/storyReader$1635.

My notes from this presentation, including some questions people asked and my responses to them, are at: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/jkbaumga/stories/storyReader$1671.

The World as a Blog

My experience with blogging: I’ve been blogging since April 2003 and now blog on eight blogs, including four collaborative blogs, four personal blogs, and four secret blogs. These blogs run on three platforms: Manila, Blogger, and Frassle. This blog runs on Manila. You are looking at an item in the stories section, a place usually reserved for longer posts. The front page of my blog is elsewhere.

Librarians should care about blogs for at least two big reasons: blogs are a great communication tool for both internal and external purposes and blogs are sources of information.

I. What is a weblog?

  • Definitions vary
  • Blog software enables easy updating of Web pages, bloggers don’t necessarily have to know HTML
  • There are many different kinds of blogs, different kinds of platforms for blogging
  • Can blog on the Web, on an intranet, etc.

II. How do People Use Blogs?

  • Why blog:
    • Communication
    • Knowledge management
    • Annotated list of links
    • Networking, fostering community
  • Why read blogs
    • News
    • Professional development
    • Be/stay informed
    • Get someone else’s personal perspective, view of the world

III. What Libraries, Academia, Legal Professionals, and Corporations are doing with Blogs

IV. Feeds and Aggregators

V. How to Find Blogs and Feeds

VI. How to Start Blogging

  • Think about what you want to blog/need from a blog and select appropriate software for the task.
    • This is not necessarily easy. It’s similar to picking library automation software or an archiving system.
    • Blog platforms may be similar, but they aren’t the same.
    • More details about picking blog software
  • Take some time to really learn about the system you choose.
  • Find out your support options: discussion list, superusers, help desk, etc.
  • Market your blog
  • Start casting those bottles into the ocean (I’m being figurative here. I’m not advocating for pollution.)

VII. Blogs at Harvard

More sources

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