Wisconsin Feeds Talk, 10/19/2005

Feeding Frenzy!!!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

j gave this presentation for the Special Libraries Association Wisconsin Chapter on Wednesday, October 19, 2005.

Raise Your Hand If You …

[About twenty library and information science professionals and students were in the audience.]

  • Know what XML feeds (RSS, Atom, etc.) are [about half of the room]
  • Receive feeds [a few hands]
  • Use an aggregator or news reader [same few hands]
  • Are here because you personally want to learn more [most hands]
  • Are here because your employer is considering or already using the technology [about the same number]
  • Have coded your own XML feed [no hands]


  • Powerful way to distribute and receive content
  • XML file on a server
  • Usually distributed when there’s new content
  • Most people use software to read them
  • Possible to route feeds to Web sites

Why Should Librarians Care?

  • Feeds are great and powerful
  • Librarians have not only a role in using feeds, but also encouraging their clients to use feeds.
  • If we drive technology in our organizations, we probably have a role in encouraging others to use feeds.

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<title>Reminder: Feeding Frenzy in Wisconsin, Registration Deadline Monday (10/17)</title> <link>http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/jkbaumga/2005/09/30#a4003</link>

<description>There's way too much space at my upcoming talk in Madison, Wisconsin. […]</description>

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Create a Feed

  • Bug the content creators until they get a feed
  • Write your own
  • Third-party solutions
  • Keep copyright and licensing issues in mind

Feeds are Easy

  • Let’s put one online!

Feed Examples: Web sites and Weblogs

2 Main Kinds of Feeds

Differences between Reading a Feed and a Site

  • Lose niceities of the Web site
  • Stream of content with no distractions
  • Easy to find what’s new
  • Lose links on sidebar, etc.


  • Aggregators read feeds
  • Many kinds
  • Good aggregators should handle various feeds and files
  • Public vs. private aggregators

Desktop Aggregators

Library/Librarian Podcasts

” target=”_blank”>http://libraryclips.blogsome.com/2005/05…

[j added this slide after the talk.]

Use of Feeds by Libraries

Use of Feeds by Libraries, 2

” target=”_blank”>http://directory.edufeeds.com/index.php?…

Events via Feed

” target=”_blank”>http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/jkbaumga/20…

Search Results via Feed

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