Sites Worth a Glance, Tech Toys and Tools, 08/22/08

Sites Worth a Glance

Jessica Baumgart
Tech Toys and Tools: What’s New, and What’s REALLY Useful
SLA Boston Chapter
Friday, August 22, 2008


  1. Is anyone bursting at the seams to share a fabulous tool?
  2. Does anyone have a particular, urgent need for a tool that does something particular?
  3. Is there a particular site or kind of site you’d like me to discuss or explain?

Social news sites and their magic

Why should librarians care?

Digg: Reddit: Babbledog: Oovoo: Brightkite: Dopplr: Plazes: tumblr: meebo: feed43: Friend Feed: — create one feed to follow people through various online services, weblogs, etc.

  •, formerly summize — a way to search twitter
  • Utterz: seesmic: Chandler: Evernote: picnik: Jottit:
  • Jott: scribd: Slideshare: Awesome Highlighter: Cuil: If Google is so great, then why not …
  • Wordle: Square dancing:  Advanced definitions: C-1: C-2: skrbl: Thinkature: twiddla: ” title=”” target=”_blank”>
  • SLA Innovation Lab: Cool video about what Web 2.0 is
  • How do Web 2.0 tools get their names, anyway?
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