Technological tools and tricks, 11/08/08

Technological Tools and Tricks

Jessica Baumgart
SLA Rhode Island Chapter
Saturday, November 11, 2008


  1. Is anyone bursting at the seams to share a fabulous tool?
  2. Does anyone have a particular, urgent need for a tool that does something particular?
  3. Is there a particular site or kind of site you’d like me to discuss or explain?

Social news sites and their magic

Why should librarians care?


From the floor:

  • Fraps — a way to capture video on Windows computers
  • SnapzPro — record what is on a Mac’s screen as a QuickTime movie or image
  • Yahoo! Babelfish — an online translation tool
  • LibraryThing — a way to organize materials like books and videos and share information about what you own with other people while learning what they have in their collections

Thank you!

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