Who’s j?

I am a news librarian who works in the Harvard News Office, aka Office of News and Public Affairs. That’s how I got this weblog on a Harvard domain. This weblog has nothing to do with my job directly. It’s just me writing broadly about the profession of news librarianship.

I have one of those funky nontraditional librarian jobs that I always have to explain to people ’cause no one knows what I do (sometimes, my coworkers and I don’t know what I do, either) and most of the time, that conversation begins with an explanation of what a special librarian is.

What am I doing here? Well, I ask myself that all the time, but I don’t have an answer.

I began this blog in April 2003 as part of an experiment. Now that I have it, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it. Things you might find here include items of interest to librarians (particularly news librarians), my own personal opinions, things I think are nifty or weird (duh–if I wasn’t interested in them, why would I put them on my blog?), and who knows what else. I’m trying to make this blog more about my profession than my personal life, otherwise, my entries would be much shorter and much more boring than they already are. (Did I mention I can be incredibly sarcastic and often try to use humor in my blog posts, even though I know most of the time it doesn’t work?) I maintain this blog as a hobby. It is not something I do as part of my job.

I’m of the mindset of my blogging friend Jay: What did you expect to learn when you came here?

So…who are you? And why are you reading my blog?

I should note that nothing I express on this site constitutes anything official by the Harvard News Office or the university. It’s just me and my opinions.

The e-mail features of this blog server no longer work. If you would like to contact me, please drop me a line at jkbaumga at one of the search engines or something you might exclaim in joy or amusement .com.

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