Monthly Archives: March 2020

Day 14

Working hard today, making gnocchi tonight with swede/rutabaga… We’ll see how it turns out!

Day 13

Forgot to post yesterday, but beat the bf at mario kart 64 last night!

Day 12

Had leftovers for dinner, but also made a sourdough focaccia!

Day 11

Got some good work done today! And feeling good about that for the first time really this week. Had leftovers for lunch; for dinner the bf is making vegan Mac and cheese!! Can’t wait for it, such a good meal. It’s with pea penne pasta cuz we couldn’t find any real pasta, so had to […]

Day 10

Had a pretty good day today; did some data processing and it went well. I have a great Skype with folks from the uni, it was good to connect with them and plan some games for next week. Watching Rhythm and Flow with my boyfriend and drinking cheap rose. Not bad! Dinner was piperade with […]

Day 09

Wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped to have been today. On the plus side, had a version of okonomiyaki for dinner, and caught a premier video of Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind and got to chat with Jason – banned in the UK, wonder why?

Day 08

Lunch Рsoup! Had two meetings this morning about marking MSc student work and one with collaborators. Went well. Dinner: nachos with saut̩ed back beans and fresh corn off the cob! Saw some pretty trees on my one excursion out for some sub! Spring in bloom!

Wfh day 7

Working from home, day 7: let’s keep a record of what it’s like in the time of covid19.Today, I weight myself – have to get a workout routine started to drop some pounds while not commuting into work.Yesterday: had some nice cheese and some beautiful cake made by my boyfriend!

Howdy y’all

It’s a big world out there, and John finally has a blog. I’ll be writing about my experiences living in the UK while finishing my PhD during the covid-19 pandemic. I’m working from home for the foreseeable future, and hopefully this will help me keep on track, keep a routine, and document life spent mostly […]