The Many Faces Of Islam

This collage is a representation of the different ‘faces’ of Islam. Islam indeed cannot be understood from a single perspective, but from the perspective of the different cultural groups that practice Islam. The purpose of this collage is to present this idea of Islam being made up of diverse perspectives, but at the same time has a pervasive unity that brings all these different perspectives together. The collage is made up of images of different well known personalities who are Muslim, as well as individuals or groups representing diverse cultures. Of the more well known figures include Muhammad Ali, who initially was a member of the Nation of Islam in the US. He later converted to Sunni Islam and practices Sufism. On the collage there are also images of Rumi, a 13th Century Persian Sufi mystic, as well as Muhammad Iqbal, an early 20th century Pakistani poet. There is also an image of the Senegalese mystic Amadou Bamba who was a key figure in Senegal’s struggle against French colonial rule. Other well known muslims depicted are Shaquille O’neal, a now retired NBA player, Nas and Ice Cube who are key figures in American hip-hop figures. Queen Noor of Jordan is also shown who is a key figure in Middle East/ West diplomatic relations, as is Tawakel Karman from Yemen, winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. There are depictions of different communities, specifically Muslims from China, Indonesia, America and Kenya as well. Last but not least, Islamic scholarship is highlighted by the presence of Harvard Professor Ali Asani.

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