We’re Changing It Up!

You can find my NEW BLOG at http://jreyes.blogdns.com! [Actually, I never moved there.]

Following Peter Woit and the guys at Cosmic Variance, I decided that maybe I should follow fold and start using WordPress for my personal blogging. Not to say that the folks at the Berkman Center don’t allow for a nice blogging experience, I just want a bit more control over the functionality and presentation of my personal newspaper is all. This is why I use LaTeX rather than Microsoft Word or some other WYSWIG document processor. [Also it minimized the number of times my roommates would ask to use my printer while they were here. But that wasn’t ever immediately my intent.]

Unfortunately, as it would happen, for me, WordPress requires access to Php and MySQL — a scripting language and a database. Undergraduates can’t get a hold of these fancy internet toys, so I can’t host this thing on my school account. So, as I pride myself on my resourcefulness and fickle compulsiveness, I hunted down and installed an Apache sever on my laptop, configured Php and even created a MySQL database. Now I can post, but, you, my reader, cannot access my posts. At least, I’m not sure that you can reliably.

I’m investigating what sort of privileges I have at the Design School. Yesterday I remembered that I might have an account there. And I do; you can send me email at my GSD account, and I can masquerade as an architect in training on the internet — something that doesn’t sound fun enough to do. But if I can use their computers to host my blog, perhaps I’ll change my tagline to “Because I don’t go to the Design School.” In the meantime, I’ll figure out how to import and coordinate and keep everything at the Law School.

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