It is the Age of Aquarius.

Life moves awfully quickly, especially nowadays. Starting Friday, things have buzzed straight through at a blindingly fast pace. A quick recap of events:

Friday — Michelle, Tracy, and I hit up Diesel Cafe, Davis. A bunch of men with hair longer than the women in the group show up and discuss action figures and anime only loudly enough for me to speculate that they were discussing actions figures and anime. I had over the keys to my since deceased car and long time friend the Stratus to my dad. He hands them, presumably, over to the Special Olympics donation representative. I watch the Sox at Tracy’s, followed by the Italian Job and Snatch. The Italian Job, while worse in all individual catagories, is, in my mind, better over-all, proving once again that the whole is not always the sum of its parts. (cf. gestalt.)

Saturday — Time to wake up. Tracy and I head back, replete with clean laundry, to Leverett. She teaches me about transfer tickets, cutting my bus fair, effectively, in half. We sit in relative isolation from each other until about 6pm when I decide to walk to Dunkies for a strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles. Upon arrival, I am taken by the limited time only pumpkin donut, however, I am not swayed and take a strawberry frosted. Hours later DJ arrives, demands an Xbox, which necessitates a trip back to Tracy’s. We fetch the gaming console only to return to Leverett. We play Soul Caliber II until 4 am. At that time, DJ and I start on Sonic and Tails. I play as Tails. By 6 am, Abby calls me. It’s time to move. Luckily, DJ and I were just about the finish the game.

Sunday — After the end credits of Sonic, Abby and I move her stuff to Davis in Dave the painter’s truck, as provided to me by Jean. We hit up Tosci’s for coffee, Irish breakfast tea, a scone, a muffin, and a cinnamon twist. It is there that I take off and forget my Sox cap, something I had found by chance only hours before.

I nap from 10 am until 1:21 pm, a palindrome. Eventually DJ, Tracy, and I make it the South Shore. The Walgreens is sold out of ninety-nine cent eggs, forcing a trip to the Stop & Shop down the street out of us. We purchase a dozen eggs, two pounds of low-grade bacon, and a loaf of white bread. We proceed to my father’s appartment, which we find empty. Thinking ahead, I unlock the door with the key which I had put on my key ring immediately before departure rather than breaking the door down by force. There within I assume the role of cook. DJ took three eggs; Tracy, two; and I took two myself. All were served over easy. We only ate about three-quarters of a pound of bacon. We used all but one of the remaining eggs on French toast. I added sugar and vanilla extract to the egg batter. There was no cinnamon, ground or stick, as far as I could see.

Tracy and DJ watched a production of the opera adaptation of Little Prince on WGBH while I cooked. After a short visit down the street to see Trisha and sons Kyle and Luke, we were off to Pembroke. There we swam in a lake until full sunset. Tracy lost her ring. But, by that time the light was too faint for a successful recovery despite our best efforts.

Knowing that I had to watch Robert Monday morning at 9pm, we opted for the 10:10 pm showing of the 40 Year Old Virgin rather than the 9:40 pm showing, as it afforded us more time to watch Forrest Gump and eat cereal.

The movie was much, much, much more exceedingly enjoyable that one might’ve thought based on the commercials. All three of us were out of time with the rest of the audience and laughed during what were otherwise silent moments, the most flagrant example of which came after Cal said to Dave, “You know how I can tell that you’re gay? Because you listen to Coldplay.” Perhaps everyone else in the theater really likes Coldplay and hates that he’s gay. It is hard to know, however, since correlation is not causation.

We returned, threw out some trash, and parted. I went to bed closer to 3 am than to 2 am.

Monday — I spent most of my time with Robert; we watched the Incredibles, played soccer, bean bag toss, went to Tommy’s for sausage pizza and lemonade, and watched the Sox (both Red and White), and played ping pong. By this time Michelle had returned from Maine, and Verena, from the Cape. We dined at Cambridge Common, an adult-ish type bar and restaurant. They have a fairly good selection of beer, 24 on tap and a rotating selection of Dogfish Head and Brooklyn. Michelle, worn from travel, got on the T for Jamaica Plain. Verena and I took a quick survey of her room in Perkins before we headed back up Mass Ave for Temple Bar. The drinks were precisely one dollar more expensive then they ought to’ve been. Two drinks later it was near to 1 am. I went to bed at about 2 am.

Tuesday — Today is Emma’s birthday. To celebrate Vere, Emma, Liz Wood, and I are going out to dinner. Liz and Emma do not know each other. But Vere and I know them both. I feel that this balances the company. After dinner, Liz and I will meet up with Amit. He will trade his knowledge of Php for my knowledge of LaTeX. We will end the night with some turtle cheesecake from Grendel’s, or, possibly, apple caramel pie from Hoffa’s.

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