A Revelation.

Disclaimer: This post will be about as funny as the last and even more self-indulgent.

I can’t sleep. But moments ago I nearly nodded off. During that in-between-dream-and-wakeful-worlds time I suddenly simplified a solution to my blockmate Verena’s QFT homework. She had to verify some result about the Lorentz group — at least I thought I had. So I jumped up, ran to the computer, and wrote a technically inclined email to her about SL(2,C), a group of manifold importance to mathematicians and physicists alike. Satisfied, I went back to bed only to realize, again while nodding off, that I was wrong. What I wrote applied not to the special linear group but to the projective special linear group, PSL(2,C).

Neither of those emails contained the revelation mentioned in the title. No, it is this: if I think about this stuff to ease myself to sleep, maybe I do, indeed, want to be a mathematician when I grow up, at least for a little bit. Anyway, now you and I both have something to contemplate before bed.

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