My New Toy

I’ve been using growing up as an excuse to buy more and more expensive toys—that’s both more toys and more expensive toys, not just super expensive toys. My latest, emergency purchase was this sexy GPS/Palm device produced by Garmin, a respected name in GPS technology. Behold the iQue 3600.

It’s a fairly old technology by technology standards, and I would’ve prefered its updated, sleek cousin the M4, but I couldn’t stomach the price. After all, I can’t even afford the street price of the iQue 3600. Luckily, these things have been around long enough (read: a year) that they’ve shown up on Go quick and you’ll beat my winning bid by two dollars.

I totally would’ve rocked everyone else at those boy scout orienteering competitions if I had this bad boy instead of my crude but trusty compass.

Also, on the less expensive more toys front, I received A Primer of Algebraic D-modules in the mail today. “This book introduces D-modules and their applications avoiding all unnecessary over-sophistication.”

It’s like Christmas in July. In June!