We Didn’t Start the Fire

Today, day two of our extended stay, we moved downstairs to another room. It must be the children’s suite. The bedding, curtains, and shower curtain all have prints of Sleepy the Travelodge bear in drowsy sports poses. The television in this room is new enough to accept DJ’s Xbox. DJ, however, forgot the power cord. Right now he’s destroying the extension cord I brought with my Swiss army knife in order to provide juice to his addiction: Tiger Woods PGA Tour. I’m a little concerned. He just muttered, “This is going to be rough,” under his breath to the console. He assures me that at worst we’ll blow a fuse. I reminded him that at worst, Janice and I will already be at the hospital.

After our noontime visiting half-hour at the hospital, we’re going to the Dynamic Earth underground mining exhibit to complement yesterday’s trip to the parking lot in Copper Cliff at an actually mining plant, to stand next to a giant Canadian nickel, and then walk across—not over—Onaping falls, about forty minutes away, on the suggestion of Mike who previously managed the CD and DVD store in a sparsely populated “mall.” Two days ago Mike gave his notice; he’s not allowed back in the Zeller’s next-door nor does he ever want to go again. He loves fishing and promises that Onaping, while far away, is well worth the distance. Mike is not a professional cartographer, but he did get us to the movie’s last night.

Jason, soon-to-be Superboy, is going really to resent Superman once he gets a little older. Lois shouldn’t leave Richard; this situation is just no good.

DJ just successfully McGuivered his Xbox; the rest of us are leaving to avoid a fire.

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