Maybe even better than winning Jeopardy five times

Happy new year. Here’s the latest politically-minded letter I’ve sent: it’s to Richard Cordray, the new director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You’ve missed several other letters since my last post. I’ll try to be more faithful about recording them here.

You can send a letter of support, inquiry, or disdain through this form. I sent my message in a card from Elizabeth Warren, though.

Dear Director Cordray,

I’m glad your appointment to the CFPB went through. Please accept my warmest congratulations.

I hope you will direct this agency to take action on behalf of all Americans—be they poor or wealthy, young or old, unemployed or working. All of us need people in a position of action to represent our best interests and redress large, national damages caused by greed and deceit run out of control.

I would be especially happy if your agency would think of and suggest ways the public can be more civically involved in consumer financial protection. Washington and those that work there seem far away to many Americans. Please include us in the process; bring Washington nearer to the people.

To a happy a new year,
Joshua Reyes
A concerned but optimistic citizen

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