My first blog

Hi everyone,

It is the first time that I’ve written a post on internet. Indeed, I am very skeptic about internet and privacy.

That is the reason why this fall 2018 I want to take the class of Professor Waldo – Technology, Privacy, and the Trans-National Nature of the Internet. Also, I find the teacher very funny and I like funny and intelligent people (Don’t assume that I am too !).

In fact, I want to study the new stuffs like AI, bitcoin, drone, blockchain, etc. from this class so I may appear “less dump” from I am at the moment when talking to some geeky friends of mine. By the way, I would also take the Machine Learning class this Fall even though I know that it is very ambitious. I may be the first student at HKS to get a C for this class but I am OK with that !

(Spoil: at HKS, no-one can get a grade less than B- and it is said that people cry when receive an A -. In France where I am from, I cried when I get 15/20 as it is the highest grade that social science professors give to students. Why do they never give us 20/20? No-one dare to ask them as we don’t want to be a black sheep. )

On the top of that, I feel that I will learn a lof from weekly writing as the Professor told me that no one would judge my not very good English and I can only be better off. Hope that it would be true :-).

Thanks for reading my first post EVER on the internet !

See you next week,



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