Yucca Mountain Johnny Lives

I was reading the editorial page of the Las Vegas Review Journal and…. Great News for young people who want to learn about nuclear waste. Yucca Mountain Johnny gets to stay on the Department of Energy’s Youth Mountain Zone Site. Nevada Democratic Representative Shelley Berkley tried to have Yucca Mountain’s mascot removed. But smarter heads took a vote and stopped the removal of the lovable Yucca Mountain Johnny. It is sad that a Nevada representative tried to have this removed, as kids need to learn this stuff, especially in Nevada where the young people will be living with nuclear waste for years to come.

And what if people could die? Well as Miss Nevada Crystal Wosik says “we just have to take one for the team” and take nation’s nuclear waste

A few comments on the Yucca Mountain Youth Zone site: the high-school and middle school exams are the same, and clicking on the correct answers link will not give you he answers. There are many broken links on the site, and it would be nice if they gave more information on the alternatives, such as burying the waste in the polar ice caps (not chosen because of possible climate change – btw: I don’t understand who at the Department of Energy is trying to scare Americans with the statement (“potential effect of future climate changes on the stability and size of polar ice masses” (see Paul Krugman’s column on this as well )) about possible climate changes, stop it!) or under the ocean floor (we seem to be restricted by an international treaty here – but that treaty ends in 2018, when we can reexamine this idea) or sending it into space (too high a risk). And I finished one of the puzzles in -57 minutes and 13 seconds. Not too bad. Rather than changing the mascot, they should spend some more time fixing the site and the dead-links on the site… or maybe doing the full testing of the actual storage site before declaring that it will be used.

Puzzle finished in negative time (-57 minutes and 13 seconds) just like some of the safety testing done on Yucca Mountain. And is that a prickly pear or little mini nuclear explosions in the desert… can’t really tell

Here is more Yucca Mountain news from the Law Vegas Review Journal who normally support the President but in this case thought Representative Berkley was right. Okay enough on cartoons for today.

Peace – Tim

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