The cutting edge of ICTs for international change

My colleague Jim Moore has done a great job in his most recent piece at capturing some of the flavor of how the Internet has made an impact globally in linking voices and views that could never before have been heard in such force.  The sociology and politics of how the Internet can strengthen civil society — the story behind the Second Superpower story — are fascinating.  We can only hope that this kind of trend that Jim points out indeed overshadows and counteracts the ignorance and apathy that seem so rampant these days.

This strand of thinking is one of the things that is needed more within the international development community — instead of fixating on numbers of Internet connections and on what consulting firm is going to design what “e-Strategy,” it is much more useful and important to figure out how people are using the new technologies and how that use is re-shaping the world.

With such powerful geo-political shifts going on right now, the political and sociological impacts of the technology need to be acknowledged and better understood.  And the international development agenda needs to be reworked accordingly.

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